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Inside Eyes

Nov 11, 2019

Community that forms around the healing use of entheogens and psychedelics is not without it's own instances of sexual harm.  In the final episode of the season, Laura Mae Northrup, MFT talks about psychological dynamics that underlie sexual harm in healing relationships and what the community can do to prevent it. 

To celebrate the end of season 1, Laura's online course on How to build a Successful, Sustainable Private Practice as a Healer is on sale!  To get 40% off from now until December 15th, 2019 use the coupon code GoodbyeForNow. 

Come party! Join Laura on November 16th, 2019 at 8pm, at Tamarack in downtown Oakland for an end-of-the-season party!  More details are on the Facebook event page or on Laura's website

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